Soon the Baby-Boomer generation in today's workplace will be retiring across the united states, and there is a critical need to ensure that systemic efforts are in place in local communities to educate, mentor, train, and employ the next generation of employees that will reinvest their education and practical skills to improve the quality of life for the public good in their roles as future private, nonprofit and public sector leaders.

Southern California Region

THE Official Pre-Expo Student Workshop Series of Your Turn Intern Expo

LOCATION: Los Angeles Convention Center


  • MMF Leadership Development Institute (LDI) / Pre-Expo Student Training DAY 1: Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 8:00A.M.-4:00P.M.
  • MMF Leadership Development Institute (LDI) / Pre-Expo Training Day 2: Friday, March 22, 2019 - 8:00A.M. - 10:00A.M.
  • Your Turn Intern Expo: Friday, March 22, 2019: 10:00A.M.-3:00P.M.
  • Official LDI Graduation & Certification Awards Ceremony: Friday, March 22, 2019 - 3:00P.M.-4:30P.M.


For years, it was assumed that young people completing their collegiate education were given all the knowledge and technical skills they needed to succeed in the workplace. However, it is becoming clear now that our strategies to emphasize practical training in leadership and employment skills, along with ongoing supportive services, are equally important if young people are going to develop an effective work ethic and operate successfully in the current economy. Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc., the benefiting charity of Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest, is addressing this need by preparing current college students and recent college grads for workforce matriculation thru our Annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI) Program, which directly precedes Your Turn Intern Expo and is hosted at Convention Centers around the Nation. The MMF Leadership Development Institute (LDI) aims to equip young people with the tools they need to be adequately trained with practical leadership & employment skills, thoroughly understand the nature of the internship & job seeking process, and ultimately be positioned to transition into the workforce upon completing their academic objectives.



As one of the leading providers of leadership development training in the nation, Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc. (MMF) understands the need to prepare aspiring young leaders for an ever competitive workforce by coupling their higher education with practical skills and support services to transition them from the classroom to leadership in the workplace. To this end, our Leadership Development Institute (LDI) involves practical executive leadership skills training, practical employment core competency training, financial literacy guidance, robust peer & professional networking engagement, and more that administered thru a 2-Day workshop series that directly precedes our Your Turn Intern Expo at convention centers in major cities around the Nation. LDI also administers ongoing professional development support, mentoring and supportive services throughout the year to college students and recent college grads that are seeking to be placed in internships or practicum assignments with Your Turn Intern Expo's partner employers in our targeted expo production territories including, but not limited to Southern California, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Miami.


Core Leadership

The core leadership skills training modules aim to increase knowledge and practical skills application abilities among program participants in the following areas;

  • Workplace Communication (Verbal & Nonverbal)
  • Executive Business Writing
  • Diversity & Cultural Sensitivity
  • Financial Literacy
  • Personal Leadership
  • Working with Others
  • Project Management & Productivity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Personal Values


Core Employment

The core employment competency skills training modules aim to increase knowledge and practical skills application abilities among program participants in the following skill set areas;

  • Seeking Employment
  • Securing Employment
  • Retaining Employment
  • Advancing within Employment


Professional Development

The program support services aim to increase access to ongoing professional support resources among LDI program participants to address applicable professional barriers, further nurture self-development, and advance individual LDI participant short-term and long-term goals.

  • Peer & Professional Mentoring
  • Higher Education Admissions Support
  • Professional Development Guidance
  • Peer & Professional Networking
  • Financial Literacy Training & Guidances
  • Complimentary Credentials to Access Your Turn Intern Expo - LEARN MORE
  • Annual Your Turn Intern Internship Grants Prioritization / ($1,000 - $4,000.00 Per Grant Award) LEARN MORE
  • Annual Best & Brightest Scholarship Aid Prioritization ($3,000.00 Per Scholarship Award) LEARN MORE

At the core of the Millennium Momentum Foundation Institute is our extensive public-private partnerships that allow us to leverage resources and support among our corporate, government, educational, and community-based agency supporters.

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